One Day….

‘One Day…’ is my latest album. It’s available on most digital distribution platforms. The link on this page is for Bandcamp

but you can also find it on Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, Google Play and Spotify too.


It started with an idea to record quickly and simply spending just one day on the initial recording.  I spent one day with Jay Danter (Flux Productions UK) and we managed to record vocal live vocals and acoustic guitar tracks for ten songs.  


The day before going into the studio I began to doubt that I had enough songs not already committed to other album projects to make a completely new album. So I wrote three new songs that afternoon!


I usually record songs on my iPhone as soon as they are written because it helps me to remember them. Songs take time to grow and mature and that usually happens by playing them live for a few weeks, or maybe even months.  This time I went straight form the initial recordings on the iPhone and just played them as they came outpouring the recording session with Jay.


Those songs are

Jesus the Devil and Me

Family Friends

Growing Pains


Jay does a great job and he’s so easy and encouraging to work with. Happy to take risks and just record in whatever way I want.  He recorded and mixed the guitar and vocals down to a single stereo tracks and then, over the next few days, I added more guitar, vocals etc. My initial vocal on Blues for Daddy (an old song I haven’t sung in years) was really weak. I couldn’t hit the lowest note at the end of each verse without my voice breaking. So I changed the key of the song and re recorded it at home.


So take a listen and enjoy the music.

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