Come On In My Kitchen

Come on In My Kitchen is a video project featuring original songs and covers of classic Americana and Blues, recorded in our kitchen. The title is both an invitation to join me as I play in one of my favourite places to sit and write songs, and a reference to one of my all time favourite Robert Johnson songs, Come on In My Kitchen.


Track Listing

1. Strange Fruit (Abel Meeropol)

2. If I Was Alone (Vincent O'Brien)

3. Vigilante Man (Woody Guthrie)

4. Billy The Kid (Traditional)

5 The Last Time I Saw Her (Vincent O'Brien)

6 Walking Blues (Robert Johnson)

7 Speaking Out (Vincent O'Brien)

8 Am I Wrong? (Keb’ Mo)

9 I Don't Belong (Vincent O'Brien)

10 Walk On By (Vincent O'Brien)

11 Bar Stool Blues (Neil Young)

12 Deep Down In My Blood (Vincent O'Brien)

13 Fragile Heart (Vincent O'Brien)

14 Come On In My Kitchen (Robert Johnson)

15 The Man From The Moon (Vincent O'Brien)

Vincent O’Brien ©2016


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