Collaborative Visual Media 


Collaborative Visual Media projects focus on engagement, collaboration and sharing of experiences, concerns and ideas. Projects are locally driven and make use of participatory digital media techniques including video and photography to explore personal experiences, perceptions and understandings of everyday life in different communities.


In addition to providing a rich source of qualitative data these projects  aim to encourage and facilitate   collaborative involvement through providing training in the use of visual media with the aim of helping  individuals and communities to voice issues and concerns about everyday life, culture, society and well being.


Principle Techniques

1.  Video and Photography

Collaborative visual media projects work with individuals and communities helping to develop audio visual stories expressing perceptions of everyday life, the meaning and significance of personal and community experiences and conditions that influence our lives. Project participants take an active role in the construction of story lines, the selection and editing of recorded materials. Products such as Photo Galleries and Video Documentaries provide a focus for ongoing discussion and analysis and the wider community. 


2. Video Interviews and Personal Narratives

At various stages we interview people from the community to explore in more detail personal approaches culture, lifestyle and everyday life. Collaborators may also develop personal stories in the form of video recordings or photo documentaries.


3. Video and Photographic Exhibits

The completed documentary films and photo galleries developed during each project are then made available for public viewing to encourage wider discussion and to support community engagement and development.


4. Visual Activism 

The workshop phase of each project provides the basic narrative and technical skills needed to make films and take documentary photographs. Following on from the workshops participants often become more active in their respective communities. These Visual Activists engage with other collaborators continue to develop their own documentary projects using visual materials. Selected images and video recordings are posted online to encourage  wider discussion of identified issues and perspectives.

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