China Pig


I was invited to play at the Jazz in the Park Festival, Cluj Napoca, Romania in 2016. A week or so before the festival was due to start the organisers asked for a band, or at least a duo. I convinced Inca Babies front man Harry Stafford to join me and a hastily formed, underrehearsed duo emerged. We called ourselves China Pig- after the Captain Beefheart song of that name. We had a good time in Romania, enjoying the spontaneity and roughness of our collaboration. In the months after we returned to Manchester we talked about getting together with other musicians to see if we could put together a band. Not JAZZ!


We teamed up with Pat Gaffney on Bass and Arthur Greaves on drums to play a gig for Salford City Radio and the following day we played The Castle Hotel in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

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